Best Free Phone Spy App

Do you wonder what your kids are doing on their phones? Do you worry that your spouse might be cheating on you? Are you finding it difficult to monitor all your employees?

Well, all these problems have one common solution, i.e. spying software. It is an ultimate and multipurpose app that helps the recipient to manage their kids, employees as well as check on their spouse.

Spying apps have been in the market for many years now. It is an ideal solution for parental control.

Most parents have difficulty managing their kids. The transition from a kid to a teenager comes with lots of difficulties, especially for parents.

Cell phones have become a common problem. It has made everything very convenient. It is convenient to communicate as well as indulge in illegal activities.

When a child becomes a teenager and goes through the high school phase, it is very difficult to manage them. They become secretive and start hiding things from you.

At this tender age, you cannot force them or be really strict with them. You need to adopt a different approach to know what’s going on in their life.

They can be lying to you, partying with their friends, missing school, and drinking, clubbing, or even taking drugs. If you want to protect them from all these dangers, it is better to have a good rapport with them.

But if you don’t have it, you can still monitor their activities secretly. This is where spy apps come into the picture. By using these apps, you will be able to supervise all their phone activities.

Similarly, if you are finding it difficult to trust your partner or want to know the truth about them, use a spy app. It also works in the case of employees.

You can use a spy app to monitor their phones and take action accordingly. While there are many spy apps that you can use, it is safe to go with a trustworthy app. CellPhoneSpy is 100% genuine and free software. You can use it if you are planning to spy.

About CellPhoneSpy App

About CellPhoneSpy
About CellPhoneSpy

CellPhoneSpy is a popular name amongst spy apps. It is a Cell Phone Spying app. You can use this app to spy on any type of cell phone for free.

This spy app is extremely compatible. As most people either use an android phone or iPhone, it is compatible with both. It means you can use this app to spy on iPhone and iPad along with Android phones and tablets.

This is a free spying app. As we know, most of the apps that deliver value are either paid or subscription-based. When you search for spy apps, you will either come across paid apps or apps which need monthly or yearly subscription. Finding a free and genuine app is very rare. There are very few free apps that actually work, and CellPhoneSpy is one of them. There are absolutely no charges to use it.


Almost all the spy apps work discreetly so that the target will never know about it. But CellPhoneSpy takes it to a whole new level. This app is invisible. It will not be visible on the phone. This app consumes very little space and battery. It takes less time to download and eat up the charging to arise any suspicion. So if you are using this app secretly, not a single soul will be able to discover it.

This spy app has all the basic as well as advanced features. You can enjoy all the basic spy features like call spy, SMS spy, location tracker, browsing history, etc. Apart from these common features, you can enjoy special advanced features like social media spy, geofencing, messenger app spying, remote control, phone call record, etc.

10+ CellPhoneSpy Features

10+ CellPhoneSpy Features
10+ CellPhoneSpy Features

Most of the free spy apps don’t include all the spying features. You will get only limited options. But with this spy app, you can get all the new and latest advanced features as well.

Call Spy

It is a common spy feature. This feature is available in all spy apps. With this feature, you can monitor call logs. If you want to check the recent call logs or complete history about the calls, use this feature. You can check the type of call, number, name, and call duration.

Call Record

This feature is only available in apps that are paid. But you can use it for free with this app. This feature helps you to record live phone calls. You can record every call and later listen to the entire telephonic conversation.


This is another basic spy feature. As the name goes, this feature helps you to spy on all the SMS activities. You can check incoming and outgoing messages and read them as well.

Location Tracker

It is also a common spy feature. With this feature, you can track the phone location. It helps you to track the current location and all the previous locations. You can check the location on the map.


With this spy feature, you will have access to the phone gallery. You can open the gallery and check all the photos and videos on it.

Web History

As the name goes, this feature deals with phone browsing history. With this feature, you can check all the internet browsing history on the phone.

WhatsApp Spy

This spy feature is for WhatsApp. If the person is using WhatsApp, this feature will help you to read all the chats and check the call logs.

Facebook Spy

This advanced spy feature is for Facebook. If the person is using Facebook on their phone, this feature will help you to read the chats and monitor all the activities.


This is another common spy feature. This feature records all the keystrokes on the phone. You can check the keystrokes to decipher passwords and messages.


How to Spy on Phone

How to Spy on Phone
How to Spy on Phone

If you want to use all given features to spy on your child, partner, or employees, you need to download this app. The download link of this app is given on the website. You can download it from there.

However, you need to download it on the person’s phone. Mostly when we use apps, we download them on our phones. But here, the case is different. For example, if you want to spy on your partner, download this app secretly on their phone.

If you are not able to download it, you can remotely use this app. But this privilege is only for spying on iPhone. If it is your first time spying, follow these steps. Everything is given in detail.

Step 1: Download

This process is only for spying on android. Unlike, iPhone spying, there is no remote installation option. You have to download the app instead. To download the app, you need a phone. Once you have it, make some changes in the settings and download the app from the website.


Step 2: Setup & Account

After downloaded the CellPhoneSpy.APK file, you have to manually install it and register your account to the app. Hide the CellPhoneSpy on the target device.

Step 3: Monitor

This is the last step. After the process is completed, you can start spying immediately. You have to go to the website and log in to your spying account. Use your credentials to log in. You can log in from any personal device. After logging in, you can use any feature to spy.

Why Need CellPhoneSpy App?

If you want to spy on someone’s phone, you can use this app. There are many advantages of spying.

  • Parental Control: Most of the people use this app to monitor their kids. You can use it for parental control. This app helps you to keep an eye on each and every cellular activity.
  • Cheating Partner: If you think that your partner is cheating on you, this app will help you. With this app, you can check all their phone activities to find out the truth.
  • Employee Monitoring: If you are not able to monitor all the employees at once, use this spy app. It will help you to monitor them from the platform.


CellPhoneSpy is free spy app that helps you to spy on your loved ones. You don’t need to invest any money to use this app. The best thing about this app is that it is very simple and easy to use. Your loved ones will never find this app as it remains invisible. It is the ultimate solution to all your spying needs.