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Features of Free Mobile Spy App – CellPhoneSpy app

Are you looking for some ways in which you can spy on the phone of somebody? Do you want to know one of the easiest ways in which you can spy on someone? If yes, then let me tell you my dear friend that now you can spy on someone without any help from a hacker. Yes, it is possible; you can spy on any person’s phone with the help of a spy app known as – CellPhoneSpy. In this article further, you are going to know about this amazing hacking tool which offers some of the very great features which are highly appreciable by its users from all around the world.

Features of Free Mobile Spy App - CellPhoneSpy app
Features of Free Mobile Spy App – CellPhoneSpy app

CellPhoneSpy – Best Free Phone Spy App

It is one of the most popular apps when it comes to spying on the targeted phone. No matter what is the reason behind your spy activity but this will help you in all types of spying. On the other hand, this app is 100 percent free and no downloading cost is charged by the users using it. It is the best app that can easily run in almost all types of devices such as tablets, mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc. Furthermore, no matter what brand phone you are having or the targeted person is having, it is trouble-free to spy on any android phone or iPhone users as well.

  • In addition to this, this app is it can help you monitor the targeted device day to day activity without any delay.
  • But do not forget the fact that you are allowed to use this app for legal uses only.
  • Moreover, check the laws related to spying and hacking in your country before downloading this multipurpose app.
  • It offers 24X7 services thus the process of spying becomes quite effortless with this application.
  • Thus if you want to download the app for parental controlling features it is the best-suggested app in the online market today.
  • The best part is that you can spy on the targeted person secretly by using the stealth mode of this app.
  • It is easy to install and download this app.

Now let us know some of the features of CellPhoneSpy in detail.


Top 10 features of CellPhoneSpy app are:

Call spy

CellPhoneSpy allows you to track the calls of the targeted device. Some of the call-related information like the missed calls, received calls, dialed calls, the duration of a call, time of the call, date of the call, contact person detail, call logs, are all easily available with this app.

Call recording

With the help of this amazing app, you can also record the call conversation of the person you are targeting. In case you missed hearing out the call conversation of the person at the time when it was happening then these features will help you to record and hear later.

Message spy

Text messages are widely used for communicating with each other for a shorter message. Thus, if you want to see what messages are exchanged by the person or the suspect then you can use this feature. This feature will allow you to see the whole detail of the message, content of the message, date, time, sender, contact details, files exchanged via message, etc.

Ambient voice recording

If you want to hear where the target person is and what is happening around the place he or she is present then these features will help you know that. This feature records the surrounding noise for you and saves it for future purposes.

GPS location tracker

If you are always worried about the targeted person’s safety and want to know where he or she is there on a real-time basis then these features will help you to inform all the location details about the person. This is also helpful when the targeted person is lying about their location details.


This feature is pretty unique. With the help of this feature, you can know all the secret passwords set in the device of the person. Their secrets will not remain secrets any further and you can know what they are tying easily.

You can monitor the address book

Check the contact address from the phone book. With the CellPhoneSpy app, you can do this with efficiency and also get the correct details about the targeted person. You can delete the contact of the person who is not relevant to the targeted person. Even parents can delete the irrelevant details from the mobile phone of the kids.


Thus, these are some of the features that are inherited in the CellPhoneSpy app. you can enjoy the spying process when done with all these features. You can easily get access to the application when you get a visit to the official website – cellphonespyappon.com. So, enjoy spying on the activities of the targeted person’s phone.