How to Track Text Messages on Another Phone

How to Track Text Messages on Another Phone
How to Track Text Messages on Another Phone

How can you track message on the other device

With technology advancement, many special spy tools are available in the market today. These applications are available for spying and reading the SMS or text messages from other person devices. Several possible ways are available on the internet that will let you to easily spy on anybody’s text messages and other cellular actions. However, using this text messages tracking tool will benefit you in all situations. If you want to effective track on the target device text messages you can definitely choose CellPhoneSpy and follow up the right process. This will thus let you to have access to the target phone.

How can you track message on the other device
How can you track message on the other device

Nowadays the Smartphone has made communication convenient. Those devices have made it a lot convenient for one to stay connected to another person through calling and text messaging. Currently one of the most popular tracking tools that have got good ranking in the world of spyware is CellPhoneSpy. A user can easily keep track of all incoming, outgoing and deleted text messages. In order to track the target device, you need not have to hold the phone of the target always or follow him or her wherever he goes.

The process of tracking the target person’s text messages will be better with the use of this tracking tool. By using CellPhoneSpy, you will not only be able to track text but calendar entities, photos, call logs, browsing the history, GPS location history, etc. It is having the option that you will be able to get all the data that can be synced and sent to you that you can check using your Smartphone, PC or laptop. Even if devices are farther from one another, you will easily get to know everything. Whenever you want to monitor cell phone, you can make use of this tracking tool and enjoy using it.

How can I make use of this tracking tool

If you want to spy on your kid’s or on your spouse’s text messages, then you can use CellPhoneSpy that will help you in tracking the target person device remotely. With the app, you will be able to get the details from the device like call logs, photos, calendar, text messages, and website history. This spyware can do many more things apart from it. In case your target is using the android operating system then you must carefully read the text messages as this device needs you top undergo device rooting.

To check the text messages of the target with taking his/her device, you need to install the app on their device. In such a case, you might require to undergo jail-breaking of the iOS or root android OS. To begin using the app you must hit on download option and do whatever you want as per your wish.

While establishing the app it is compulsory for you to get the app account created using the right signup details like username/email address and password. Straightaway you can get the app from its homepage using this URL address –  Remember to conceal the icon of the app so that you always remain secret. This will not let you get traced and will definitely stay hidden.

Few amazing features of the spyware

  1. Spying on IM apps- This feature helps in spying in all IM apps like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, WeChat, etc.
  2. GPS location tracking The location of the target phone in real-time is tracked with complete whereabouts.
  3. Live call recordingThe calls received or dialed are recorded automatically.
  4. Monitoring web activities- All URLs visited, content downloaded, etc will be spied with time, duration spend on a site, etc.
  5. Ambient listening- Things going on at the target phone surrounding can listen easily using this feature of the app.
  6. SIM change notification- When SIM is replaced the hacker will easily be notified with the new number.
  7. Multimedia files viewing- All saved photos, SS, GIFs, videos, pictures will be spied completely.
  8. Records app usage- The activities done on all the installed apps will be known that which one is mostly used.
  9. Monitoring all actions done on social media site- All the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat activities will be recorded easily by the app.
  10. Password and keystrokes viewing- This feature helps a hacker to know the password of all apps, accounts and security lock as well.
  11. Viewing phonebook- The contacts saved in the phone will be known.
  12. SMS spyingSent, received and deleted SMS with date/time/location will be spied.
  13. Call logs spy- All made/received/deleted call logs it will tell you accurately.


Doubtlessly for such amazing features and effective working ability of the app a person will not avoid using CellPhoneSpy.  I hope that you will like it.



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