How to intercept text messages without target phone

How to intercept text messages without target phone
How to intercept text messages without target phone

Learn to intercept text messages without accessing the target phone

The biggest need for the present age is a Smartphone. Everyone has a smartphone device and even kids make use of Smartphone. Kids sometimes force their parents to buy a smartphone for them. Once the device is in their hands, they do what they want. Many concerned parents wish to intercept text messages of their kids without touching it. So, is it possible? The answer is absolute yes. Today there are many spyware available which allow spying on the target phone without touching it.

Learn to intercept text messages without accessing the target phone
Learn to intercept text messages without accessing the target phone

You need not touch a device you can simply send an email or message to a target device. In this email attach the link of spy app which when opened by target person the software automatically gets downloaded in their phone. Now the control of the target device is in the hands of parents. Parents can monitor kid’s phone and text messages and they can come to know about kid’s activity.

Parents can know a lot about their kid’s by monitoring their phone. Parents can know how much time their kids spend on the phone. They can know about their kid’s friend circle. They can know on which topic kids are chatting with their friends. They can also know what the interest of their kids is by looking at their searched content and games.

Hence, we can say spyware is very useful for parents. Now if you are a concerned parent of a child and want to intercept their text messages then read about this best spying app in the market. Here, we have gathered full details about the best phone spy app i.e., CellPhoneSpy.

About CellPhoneSpy

It is the leading monitoring app for android and smartphone which enables parents to keep eye on text messages, GPS and calls of their kid. This spyware is the first choice of Parents as it is completely hidden and undetectable. Also, in this app, there are amazing features offered which make it easier for a parent to record various activities of the phone. This app also has a customer care center which helps the user to get help when they have any issues.

Steps to intercept text messages without target phone

Steps to intercept text messages without target phone
Steps to intercept text messages without target phone
  • Download/install- first of all download this spyware in your phone and target device via sending link to the target device.
  • Register/login- now make a user account by registering and signing up.
  • Free control panel- login to the web control panel and start spying on text message, GPS location and call logs.

This was a simple guide on how to use CellPhoneSpy now if you wish to operate it then go to the link and get the app on your phone –

Why need CellPhoneSpy

Now let’s understand in deep about the features offered in CellPhoneSpy.

GPS tracker– you think your kids are really in coaching or school, they might be bunking their class and sitting in lounges or hanging around with friends somewhere. You need to keep eye on where your kids are going and for this, you will need a GPS tracker feature. This feature fetches information about the location of the target phone and open location on the map for you to see.

Call recording when your kids talk late at night on calls and you wish to know who this special person to whom they talk is then you can make use of call recorder. Call recording of all incoming and outgoing calls can be made using CellPhoneSpy.

Contact history spy– to know whom all people your kids call in a day make use of this feature and you will be able to see full contact history. You can view for much duration they had a conversation, time and date, and other details.

Browser history spy– when you want to know what your kid is surfing make use of browser history spy feature. This feature allows you to full browsed content along with date and time. Also, you are allowed to block URLs which are inappropriate for your kids to view.

Photo/video– whatever your kids capture through camera or download from other sources can be viewed by this feature. You can see all the photos and videos of your kid’s phone and save them in your phone.

Social media accountWhatsApp or Facebook or Snapchat must be used by your kids. You can spy their social media account and read their chats very easily using CellPhoneSpy.


All these features when used by parents they can discover the full activity of their kids. Also, partners and employee make use of this spying app to monitor their spouse and employees.



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